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Korean J Appl Stat 2023;36:361-499
Review of complex network analysis for MEG
Sunhan Shin, Jaehee Kim
Korean J Appl Stat 2023;36:361-380
A simulation study for various propensity score weighting methods in clinical problematic situations
Siseong Jeong, Eun Jeong Min
Korean J Appl Stat 2023;36:381-397
A social network monitoring procedure based on community statistics
Joo Weon Lee, Jaeheon Lee
Korean J Appl Stat 2023;36:399-413
Propensity score methods for estimating treatment delay effects
Jooyi Jung, Hyunjin Song, Seungbong Han
Korean J Appl Stat 2023;36:415-445
Descriptive analysis of COVID-19 statistics across nations
Ji-sun An, Mingue Park
Korean J Appl Stat 2023;36:447-455
Seasonal adjustment for monthly time series based on daily time series
Geung-Hee Lee
Korean J Appl Stat 2023;36:457-471
Nonparametric compositional data analysis for tourism industry in Gangwon area
Seongeun Park, Jeong Min Jeon, Young Kyung Lee
Korean J Appl Stat 2023;36:473-488
Verification on stock return predictability of text in analyst reports
Young-Sun Lee, Akihiko Yamada, Cheol-Won Yang, Hohsuk Noh
Korean J Appl Stat 2023;36:489-499
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A review of gene selection methods based on machine learning approaches
Hajoung Lee, Jaejik Kim
Received August 18, 2022; Accepted August 25, 2022.
Deep learning-based speech recognition for Korean elderly speech data including dementia patients
Jeonghyeon Mun, Joonseo Kang, Kiwoong Kim, Jongbin Bae, Hyeonjun Lee, Changwon Lim
Received October 10, 2022; Accepted December 13, 2022.
Comparison of TERGM and SAOM : Statistical analysis of student network data
Yujin Han, Jaehee Kim
Received October 8, 2022; Accepted November 27, 2022.