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Korean J Appl Stat 2024;37:119-263
Using noise filtering and sufficient dimension reduction method on unstructured economic data
Jae Keun Yoo, Yujin Park, Beomseok Seo
Korean J Appl Stat 2024;37:119-138
Artificial neural network for classifying with epilepsy MEG data
Yujin Han, Junsik Kim, Jaehee Kim
Korean J Appl Stat 2024;37:139-155
A comparison study of canonical methods: Application to -Omics data
Seungsoo Lee, Eun Jeong Min
Korean J Appl Stat 2024;37:157-176
Percentile-based design of exponentially weighted moving average charts
Jiyun Ku, Jaeheon Lee
Korean J Appl Stat 2024;37:177-189
Procedure for monitoring autocorrelated processes using LSTM Autoencoder
Pyoungjin Ji, Jaeheon Lee
Korean J Appl Stat 2024;37:191-207
Speaker verification with ECAPA-TDNN trained on new dataset combined with Voxceleb and Korean
Keumjae Yoon, Soyoung Park
Korean J Appl Stat 2024;37:209-224
Analysis of the cause-specific proportional hazards model with missing covariates
Minjung Lee
Korean J Appl Stat 2024;37:225-237
Horse race rank prediction using learning-to-rank approaches
Junhyoung Chung, Donguk Shin, Seyong Hwang, Gunwoong Park
Korean J Appl Stat 2024;37:239-253
Forecasting Korea’s GDP growth rate based on the dynamic factor model
Kyoungseo Lee, Yaeji Lim
Korean J Appl Stat 2024;37:255-263
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Deep learning-based speech recognition for Korean elderly speech data including dementia patients
Jeonghyeon Mun, Joonseo Kang, Kiwoong Kim, Jongbin Bae, Hyeonjun Lee, Changwon Lim
Received October 10, 2022; Accepted December 13, 2022.
A review of gene selection methods based on machine learning approaches
Hajoung Lee, Jaejik Kim
Received August 18, 2022; Accepted August 25, 2022.
A comparison of synthetic data approaches using utility and disclosure risk measures
Seongbin An, Trang Doan, Juhee Lee, Jiwoo Kim, Yong Jae Kim, Yunji Kim, Changwon Yoon, Sungkyu Jung, Dongha Kim, Sunghoon Kwon, Hang J Kim, Jeongyoun Ahn, Cheolwoo Park
Received November 24, 2022; Accepted January 12, 2023.