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Korean J Appl Stat 2024;37:265-393
Mean-shortfall portfolio optimization via sorted L-one penalized estimation
Haein Cho, Seyoung Park
Korean J Appl Stat 2024;37:265-282
Bias-corrected imputation method for non-ignorable nonresponse with heteroscedasticity in super-population model
Yujin Lee, Key-Il Shin
Korean J Appl Stat 2024;37:283-295
Neural network AR model with ETS inputs
Minjae Kim, Byeongchan Seong
Korean J Appl Stat 2024;37:297-309
Generalized neural collaborative filtering
In Jun Hwang, Hee Ju Kim, Yu Jin Kim, Yoon Dong Lee
Korean J Appl Stat 2024;37:311-322
Matching prediction on Korean professional volleyball league
Heesook Kim, Nakyung Lee, Jiyoon Lee, Jongwoo Song
Korean J Appl Stat 2024;37:323-338
A study on Bayesian beta regressions for modelling rates and proportions
Jeongin Lee, Jaeoh Kim, Seongil Jo
Korean J Appl Stat 2024;37:339-353
Toxicity prediction of chemicals using OECD test guideline data with graph-based deep learning models
Daehwan Hwang, Changwon Lim
Korean J Appl Stat 2024;37:355-380
Pseudonymization’s effect on data quality: A study under personal information protection act
Minjeong Kim, Jae Keun Yoo
Korean J Appl Stat 2024;37:381-393
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Deep learning-based speech recognition for Korean elderly speech data including dementia patients
Jeonghyeon Mun, Joonseo Kang, Kiwoong Kim, Jongbin Bae, Hyeonjun Lee, Changwon Lim
Received October 10, 2022; Accepted December 13, 2022.
A review of gene selection methods based on machine learning approaches
Hajoung Lee, Jaejik Kim
Received August 18, 2022; Accepted August 25, 2022.
A comparison of synthetic data approaches using utility and disclosure risk measures
Seongbin An, Trang Doan, Juhee Lee, Jiwoo Kim, Yong Jae Kim, Yunji Kim, Changwon Yoon, Sungkyu Jung, Dongha Kim, Sunghoon Kwon, Hang J Kim, Jeongyoun Ahn, Cheolwoo Park
Received November 24, 2022; Accepted January 12, 2023.